Growing Amazon Frogbit in Aquarium

Amazon Frogbit

Amazon frogbit is a floater plant I grow in all of my aquariums. Helps with removing nitrates and ammonia as it’s able to root in the water, and have leaves out of the water to take in CO2 from the air. It’s a great spawning medium for some egg laying fish and can act as a substitute for a spawning mop.

Roots that hang down much lower than other species of floaters, but are very thin with little branching. The leaves have a miniature lilypad look to them with and they’re thick leaves as well.
Priority Plant Points:

  • Species: Limnobium laevigatum
  • Light: low light level
  • Location: floater on top of water
  • Fertilizers: liquid ferts, but not required
  • CO2: none

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